I'm posting this for my friend's parents. If you have any questions, or want to see it, call Randy or Sherry at 262-781-4978.

1993 Camaro Z28
Non t-top car
111,000 miles
Silverish/purple color (don't know what chevy calls it)
New optispark system
new cat converter
Power windows
New driver seat
Flowmaster exhaust (?)

I just drove the thing today. It runs and drives great, transmission shifts smooth. Power windows and locks work, the AC blows cold. There is a small exhaust leak from where the cat pipe connects to the exhaust manifold, an easy fix. It could use a tranny flush as well, but other than that, she runs great.

The body is very clean for it's year. A VERY small area is starting to bubble just a little bit on the driver's wheel well, but it is easy to take care of.

Here's some shitty camera phone pics