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    Attention All Import Forum Users

    We added this forum for the growing segment of MATURE import owners on this site but keep in mind, those of you that do not respect the fellow forum members will be immediately banned. This means, no racial slurs or bashing on the fellow members. Remember, if you dont like the thread, DONT READ IT! We could care less about someone not liking imports or domestics but dont whine about it on the thread, just dont look.

    Please refrain from discussing or setting up street races on OUR board. If you need to PM the person you wish to set something up with otherwise, keep it at the track and not on OUR boards. If an accident should happen as a direct result of your posts here from a street race, we will forward any and all posts to the proper authorities.

    Thank you!

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    UPDATE: Seems like this forum is getting its share of BS drama lately. If it continues, the forum will get locked down. Keep this crap to pm! The excessive swearing and threats need to stop. Any legal issues going on need to remain private until it has cleared.

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