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    Compact Fords, Hang Here.

    Hello All,

    I'm going to see if we can't get some good intelligent discussions and sharing started for Ford Compact cars.

    I personally am working on a Ford ZX2 that will become what ever crazy idea I have in my head over the next few years. So far I have rebuilt the rear suspension, added adjustable coilovers, larger sway bar, bushings and rear disc swap. The interior is partially taken apart to remove the really small back seat in favor of a shelf for the dog to hang out on. My next step in this project was removing the transmission and building a custom 6sp manual for it. So far all the parts are present and cleaned waiting to be reassembled and then installed in the car. Once in the car I will need to fab an upper mount and swap over to cable shift. Then I will finish rebuilding the front suspension. After this is body work and finalizing the interior.

    Please share your thoughts on my project and let me know what yours is. Look forward to hearing from people.

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    Soooo....... No other compact Fords I take it. Okay then, All compact guys are more than welcome to post up and start some talks.

    I've worked with Dodge and Pontiac as well. Had an SRT-4 with about 285WHP, did a bunch of work with a Sunbird. Mostly did body and sound on that one. Ran a 94 Mustang GT for quite a few year too. And lastly had a 93 SHO auto.

    So, chime in talk about all things not muscle..... would love to hear what else people are doing around the city. Good ideas can come from anywhere.

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