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    First game

    I got invited to the first game of baseball this year. I have never been to a baseball and game and find it pretty boring on TV. I was told I need to experience it at miller park. Sounds like BS someone just talking up their passion. Anyone here ever been? Is it more than just watching a baseball game?

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    Night & day.
    Sitting in your quiet home by yourself/a couple people... -vs- a loud stadium filled with 30,000 people.

    Here's a video I took with my phone during the playoffs 3yrs ago. Even at full volume, it was way louder in person:
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    I have never been in the "new" miller park for a game, just county stadium. I didn't care for it then but i was fairly young. I may have to try it again to see, I know I went to a Nascar race at night in Bristol and it was definitely night and day vs. watching it on tv.

    Make sure you go early and tailgate.
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    This Sums it up.....Homer is not drinking beer for a month....

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    Honestly, I enjoy it, but totally get it when people are bored out of their minds. Opening day is a drunk fest...go in that spirit and you'll probably have a blast w/o so much watching even a minute of baseball...
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    ^ This. Opening day isn't really for the true Brewer fans, its more of a really expensive frat party LOL
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    Opening day sucks. I am a huge Brewers fan and go to at least 15 games per year. To each their own on watching baseball....I hate the NFL and hate the Packers. Just not my thing.
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    Thanks for the info...

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    Going again this year with my buddy. Bar by him has ticket, bus, food beer and liquor for the tailgate and bleacher game ticket for $130. Does that sound a bit high?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevcuda View Post
    Going again this year with my buddy. Bar by him has ticket, bus, food beer and liquor for the tailgate and bleacher game ticket for $130. Does that sound a bit high?
    Sure is cheaper than a potential OWI

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    ^^^ Good Point ^^^ I guess Ill think of this as an investment.

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