I passed my BRC over the weekend and went to the DMV today to take the written (well computer) test. I passed!

But oh my goodness did I have the worst timing! The DMV wasn't busy at all and I walked right in and was able to start my test. I am seated next to this guy who says the typical "hey, what's up" when I sit down. I said hi and started my test.

Then he starts talking to me and asking me if I can help him with this question and begins reading whatever question he was on about yielding. I tried to be as polite as I could and told him I want to get my test done and I will not help him.

He continues on and asks me if kids were mean to me when I was in school and if that's the reason I won't help him pass his test. What?

I finally had enough and just got up and explained the situation to the lady behind the counter. She asked if he was just reading the question to himself and I explained more.

So she gets me setup on another computer on the opposite side of the little room and tells me that if he talks to me one more time to yell "NO" as loud as I could and she would come right in. I sit down and he immediately starts talking to me and asked if I "told on him". Before I even could say something, the lady was already in there and scolding him.

I finished my test as fast as I possibly could and returned to the desk. I explained to her that I just want to get my new license and get out before he talks to me again. She understood and just shook her head in his direction.

I took my picture and waited to finish my paperwork. I was called up very quickly to another station and I noticed he was still testing, so I felt better. When he finished, the lady who was aware of the situation had him waiting. She called him over once I was at the door and on my way out.

But really? You can't go through a test like that on your own? Ugh, he was just gross and made me so uncomfortable.

On the bright side, I passed my test and can legally drive my bike now! Hopefully there will be a few more good days yet. The BRC I took at the state fair was great. I learned quite a bit about low-speed maneuvering in such a short time. Have plenty more to learn with more time on my bike.