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    Small Block Ford Aluminum Heads

    I have for sale some RHS Aluminum Heads. They will come assembled with ferrea valves (1.94/1.60), titanium retainers, & springs. They are lightly ported, I don't have any flow numbers though. They would be perfect for a stock shortblock 302 or mild 302 based stroker. They only have about 2000 street miles and maybe 10 track passes on them.

    (Price on this web link is without Ti retainers)

    Looking to get $700 with no rocker studs and guideplates. The motor is still together for now, so you can see them run on my turbo car for the next couple weeks. They actually went 9.53 @ 144 on my car & pump gas.

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    They will now come with guide plates and studs for free! My new heads will have them on it, and I do not need them. Since the new heads share the same factory valve centers, the guideplates should work.

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