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    Rebuilt Title

    How does a rebuilt title effect the value of motorcycle?

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    A ton I would think. People already have a real stigma in my experience about a bike that has been laid down in any way even if damage was minor. Even if it was not the case, a rebuilt title screams "I was majorly damaged".
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    Not the case on a bike w aluminum title, if the frame gets so much as a scratch on it and the insurance company finds out about it, it will be totaled. Depends on the year make and mileage how much it'll actually affect the value
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    Re: Rebuilt Title

    I agree with Moparjim. I even get leary about custom paint on a sportbike, figuring there's a good chance it was laid down/ in an accident.

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    Year make and model is gonna determine how much it effects value. Insurance companies hate sport bikes, and they are cheap to buy and expensive to fix; often it's simply numbers. And some bikes lay down better than others. My ZRX will puke the motor after 10-15 seconds of running on it's side. My Ducati has a salvage title, did a bunch of looking around on the interwebs before buying it and came to the conclusion they lay down well and I didn't hesitate buying it. Research what you're buying and use your judgement.

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