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    A few

    Acura. This gallery has an awesome before/after shot(almost after, still had another round)

    Work done for a local business.. Charter Automotive

    Josh Nickelson

    another local business, Cost of Wisconsin. doing some detail work on their end of service construction trucks. these trucks have been coated over by polyurethane foam spray, concrete and mud and needed all company stickers removed.

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    Yikes... end of service trucks have to be a bear of a job...
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    Finally getting caught up now that we knocked out our 46 car 3 week long decontamination job!

    Back to finally doing actual detailing though..
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    Car looks great. Thanks again Yoosef!
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    Sorry it took so long to update these recent galleries but here we go..



    Attached Images Attached Images
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    A few more for now until the other 11 get

    CLICK Full wetsand and detail post paint

    CLICK still updating this gallery

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    Hey man, this is Phil. You're doing my 2004 A4 now. It was a pleasure to meet you and I really look forward to seeing the results you get. Sorry about the amount of work but I think she's going to look pretty good when you're done with her.

    Thanks again!
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    Thanks Yoo. Really super job on my GP.

    Gary Anderson

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    Well later on I will always include the username when filling out the promise of BCM.

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