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    99 Stratus won't start

    The kids car, a 99 Stratus won't start after sitting overnight. We have good power even tried putting the jumpers to it. When you turn the key nothing happens. No click tick or any noise. The brake indicator light on the dash comes on when you turn the key to the start position.

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    The battery could be so dead it wont take a charge. Do the headlights work? Are they bright? Do they change when you turn the key to start it?
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    Lights are bright and they stay constant when you turn the key to start with and without the jump on the battery.

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    My guess would be its as simple as he starter died. i replaced two this past week with all he old and rain ice. simple check with a meter or light to see if you have voltage on the battery. if you have 12 pr more on the battery with key off turn key. if its still the same no drop the starter iant even trying to go. check for voltage on small terminal of starter when key is turned. if you have voltage on small and large terminal when key is turned but jothing happens then the starter is most likely dead.
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    Replaced the fuse for the starter circuit and she starts fine for now. If she goes out again we'll have to dig a little deeper.

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    Thats common on those cars. The starter pulls too much juice and pops the fuse. My dads Breeze only does it in winter, but hes too cheap to replace the starter so he just carries extra fuses. Very seldom does it pop though.
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