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Thread: WTB: Car audio

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    WTB: Car audio

    Anybody got any subs they wanna sell? Also looking for a deck with an aux input on the front. Let me know what you got....

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    what kinda subs you looking for? I have a set of MTX road thunder pros collecting dust in my basement. 12's. Also have a JL 500/1v1 amp and a 1 farad cap.

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    my sisters upgrading so I will soon have my extra Memphis PR 12 back. Never over powered or abused, one small cosmetic mark on it but not performance affecting at all.

    Unfortunately I won't have time to build an enclosure for her new sub until mid Dec prob so it will be a little bit of a wait.

    $50 for bcm in a pre fab sealed enclosure.

    No amp for it though.

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    I have a deck for sale, kenwood..I believe it's a motorized flipdown...not using it...if interested shoot me a pm and I can get you the details and price! Also have sub box that can let go for cheap for two 12's...and I believe I have a smaller sony amp..will make you a great deal on all of it...all older stuff...
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    If you are still looking I have 3 Rockford 12s you can buy

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