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    It only happens in India...

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    you mean thats when people who work in simple blue collar jobs take pride in what they do? lol
    I've seen a little bit of this kind of stuff in other countries, but its usually to attract tourists at a street cart etc. The dude launching flatbread at the end was pretty sweet.
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    I like how dude was mixing the Chai Tea. Which BTW the real Chai Tea that they drink every day is fucking awesome.

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    That was badass.

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    What in the hell....
    All posts from the above author are expected to be 100% BS. Thank you and have a nice day.

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    I have seen stuff like that in the US at places trying to draw attention. It is sometimes at places with people just screwing around but mostly at bars with a bartender trying to show off. Still pretty cool!

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    Now that's taking pride in your work. I bet everyone on here avoids certain establishments just because the customer service is absolute shitty. Oh America.
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    They are just hoping a Bollywood director happens by and hires them.

    I made this post all by myself with no supervision.

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    It is about doing what you love and taking great pride in it. There is nothing but vanity in pursuit of what is not meant to be.

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