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    Has anyone thought about what this kid is gonna do when the snow flys. I guess Id have to agree that the 94-95 would be the best way to go. And who ever said that aftermarket parts are cheap for an LT1 never opened their eyes at what it really costs. However you are right that the Lt1 will get you more power stock vs stock and much better fuel milage then a fox body which again no one here has thought about. Hes a kid, I dout he can afford driving around in a car that at best pulls high teens on the freeway. The only down fall to playing with a 4th gen Fbody is I wouldnt want anyone to try to do anything under the hood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waver View Post
    Sorry about that, I tried to avoid it. Did you also suggest an LT1 Camaro or TA to him too? Huge aftermarket, more power than a stock 96 mustang gt, and they can be found in good condition for around 3000 as well.
    If this kid has the support, I know of a 32,000 +/- 96 SS chassis and parts that need to be assembled into a complete car. The chassis was bare, the parts came from a wrecked 96 Z28. It would be a good learning opportunity for someone who wants to get into wrenching, but he would need a lot of support. Assembling a stripped car is a lot of work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jewdrake View Post
    Maybe Stews mustang would be up for sale. Maybe 2000 $ would buy "they" car? ?

    Is that you, kidcougar?

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    Nope, I am not kid couger. Just another fan of how awesome you are Stew.

    Good luck and keep us updated on what the kid(not stew) ends up coming up with for a car.

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    Dont know if its to late or not but i may have a 99 T-top Camaro with only 98k miles available soon

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    Foxbody lx and then a explorer motor either p or non p heads on it with a small cam.Get any foxbody with a decent driver into the 12's all day.Took my lincoln mark 7 from piss slow to running right next to cars that run low 13's.And that was when i was on street tires.Which is useless in 1st and 2nd gear.

    I still get 20's for gas mileage in my vert fox so idk what these people are talking about the mid teens.

    Also when the snow flys well buy some winter tires.I know of a few people who drove there fox in the snow and they had a 20min drive everyday.
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    Looks like he is probably waiting until spring. He joined the National Guard and will be done with basic by then as well.

    Thanks again guys, if anyone sees a "wow thats a great deal jump on that" let me know still, for the right car he might move sooner obviously.
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