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    If no other cars pull up to trigger the light you have the right to. If there were other cars waiting at the light, then you don't thave the right to go through
    i'm talking about the other cars already on the road say that you turn on to. they look at you like why do they get to go but like i said i don't get to do it often.
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    law or no law I don't think many people will sit at a light for hours. Having to have a law for common sense...Priceless

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    Had to use this almost every time going wb on Greenfield where it crosses National in Stallis on my second shift nights.

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    One way to deal with these intersections is with a right-hand turn followed by a u-turn and a second right turn. But some times, the u turn is not practical or legal.

    Some of my least favorite intersections are on Mequon road. The intersections won't pick up motorcycles and also have left turn lanes. I have already contacted the Mequon Police about this. They usually tell me "you can't legally run a red light" and leave it at that.

    I want to legally avenge Mequon. My plan is to get a bunch of people on small motorcycles and clog up/not trigger an intersection during the morning commute. Mequon will pay attention after this.

    BTW- they can increase the sensitivity of the magnetic sensors. I know this because other intersections can detect motorcycles.

    I have also placed larger rare-earth magnets underneath my motorcycle as well as a 150lb-rated magnetic hoist. Both do nothing!
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    You can go through red lights on a bike..

    The Bike Fed recently had the law changed in Wisconsin so it is now legal for bicycles to ride through red lights after stopping and waiting for 45 seconds if they suspect the light is actuated but is not tuned to detect bicycles.
    Wisconsin statute 346.37(1)(c)(4) outlines the one exception to general rule of stopping for red lights for operators of bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and motorbikes. The exception is for intersections where the lights are controlled by vehicle-actuated sensors – that is, the light will only change when it senses that a vehicle is present. Some sensors do not pick up smaller vehicles, such as bicycles and motorcycles, and therefore will not change no matter how long the operator waits at the light. If you are on a bicycle and have waited at least 45 seconds at a red light, and you believe the light only changes color when it senses the presence of a motor vehicle, you may proceed through the intersection if it is safe to do s.o
    Here’s exactly what the statute says:
    “a motorcycle, moped, motor bicycle, or bicycle facing a red signal at an intersection may, after stopping as required under subd. 1. for not less than 45 seconds, proceed cautiously through the intersection before the signal turns green if no other vehicles are present at the intersection to actuate the signal and the operator of the motorcycle, moped, motor bicycle, or bicycle reasonably believes the signal is vehicle actuated. The operator of a motorcycle, moped, motor bicycle, or bicycle proceeding through a red signal under this subdivision shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicular traffic, pedestrian, bicyclist, or rider of an electric personal assistive mobility device proceeding through a green signal at the intersection or lawfully within a crosswalk or using the intersection.”
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