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    2007 Tahoe service tire pressure system

    So my brother was got a "low air pressure reading" this weekend on his 07 Tahoe, he put air in it and at the same time his wife hit the "reset" button. The truck beeped twice and now the service tire pressure monitor system light comes across the warning area.

    we just reset all 4 wheels and still reads the same thing. We disconnected the battery for 10 min, still says the same thing.

    anyone know what else it could be or how to fix it?


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    So you are saying you had it relearn the position of all four tires and it still does it?
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    I have a tool for that to reset them. Or put in .learn mode. Start ar LF,FF,FF,LF. Lopwer the air pressure till horn beeps. at each tire. But it needs to be in learn. mode
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    That's because she put it in learn mode with the DIC buttons. When a tire is low and that light comes on, all you need to do is add air and let the sensor update itself, just for future reference.
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    press the the rest button again let it beep twice and increase or decrease tire pressure until the horn beeps again. starting at the drivers front and go clock wise. this will fix your issue with out needing the tool. then reset the tires to correct pressure and don't hit that button again unless you change tires lol
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    make sure you check the spare also

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