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    Will Prince hit 52?

    He's always wanted to, to be better than his dad, think he could get there this year? He usually starts so slow, but man, he's hotter than a pistol so far this year. Usually he turns it on AFTER the All Star game. Thoughts?

    Afterthought: I was a huge Cecil Fielder fan, having almost every baseball card of his ever made. Man does he ever look like his dad!

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    If he doesn't get into a deep slump and stays fairly consistant he should.
    He might end up with 15+ just in the the month of June alone if he keeps this up

    Hopefully he doesn't blow his load before they play the two douchbagery AL teams from the northeast.

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    I just worry about him in the HR derby. It seems like that screws up everyone's swing after they do that.

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    He turned the wick up cuz he knows his future salary with another organization rides on his performance this year. I think he'll hit 55 this season just cuz he is giving it all he's got right now and the team as a whole is playing well also
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    If he doesn't hit 50 it will be damn close.

    His bat is invaluable but his body type (and how it will age) plus a lack of defense or a key position makes anyone paying him 20+ for anything more than 4-5 years plain stupid, IMO.
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