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    Trade Blackberry Storm 2 for an Ipod

    I am looking for an Ipod doesn't matter style as long as it will plug into my car stereo. Would prefer at the very least a 2-4 gb model. As long as its in good working order I would entertain the idea of trading. I will include all accessories I have for my Blackberry. It is a Verizon Phone. Might be willing to come up with some cash if its a really recent Ipod.

    Pics available of the phone if you want them, it is a refurb unit from Verizon but its approx 1-2 months old in perfect shape.

    I have 2 batteries, multiple chargers, data cables, and will install fresh software of your choosing on it if you want a hybrid software package.

    PM with any questions.


    2011 Lincoln MKS AWD

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    I have a few older ipods that i rebuild for work. Really cheap.

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