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    Monitor Failure or Video card dead

    Hey Wes,

    I need some help with a friends computer. This just happened a few minutes ago.

    Basically, everything shifted to the left. Can't click start button anymore, half the icons that were on left side of monitor are now off of the screen. Any easy ways to fix this. Otherwise do you think I need a monitor or a video card/Motherboard. Its just a HP computer from walmart so not sure if it has internal videocard in the MOBO or if its actually got a video card.

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    Disaster averted!! It was Video card settings that went nuts. Reset the Monitor itself to default settings and also the video card restarted it a second time and it was fixed. Hope this isn't a sign of either the monitor or card beginning to fail.
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    Glad you got it figured out. The times when this has happened to me it's usually been a program that tried to get the card or the monitor to go into a video mode that wasn't supported and got stuck. If you ever run into this problem and can't get at the display settings in windows to correct it, you can restart the system and hit F8 (you may have to tap F8 several times if you can't get the timing down or just turn it off and back on) to bring up the startup trouble shooting options. Select "start in VGA Mode" and windows should start with a very low resolution which will look like crap but at least should come up. Then you can go in and change the display settings to whatever you want.

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