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    Question Water on Floor of Converible

    Hi, all.

    After big rains, I get water in the floor of my 2003 Mustang convertible. After asking around, I hear that the trouble is that the drain holes are plugged, but no one I talked to knows where the drain holes in the Mustang should be. I've gotten general advice on where the drain holes should be, but nothing specific. (Seems this happens all the time to Sebrings, but almost never to Mustangs.) I assume I'll need to remove the plastic rocker panel covers to find them.

    I'd appreciate any advice and/or photos that you could share.

    Thanks for your time.
    + Leonard.

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    It might not be that they were plugged, but that they couldn't handle he massive amount of water that was trying to get through them.

    Found this on another forum...

    If you pull out the back seat cushion, the bottom one, and look behind the speakers in the sides of the car, you will see a slit on each side.
    These clog up, and water backs up.

    They should be in FRONT of the rear wheels, I believe.

    You can also see them from underneath the car.

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    I fussed and struggled with this for two weekends. I pulled the back seat; poked and prodded everywhere I could trying to find the problem. No luck.

    Today I took the car to Edlo. They unplugged both drain holes. It took almost no time and they charged a very reasonable fee. They are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them.

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