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    COMMERCIAL Postings Rules...

    BrewCityMuscle is a community of muscle car owners and enthusiasts that is provided as a fantastic resource of information. Advertisers and sponsors support and contribute financially to make this site available to you. This support would not last long if we allowed others to post commercial messages, thus undermining the paid advertising of those that make this site available. Contact Cryptic to become a paid sponsor/vendor.

    • Do not initiate posts or discussion on or refer to your business, website, or event. If in doubt PM Cryptic or another moderator.
    • Do not discuss product pricing or availability of products.
    • Your post, profile, signature, or any other part of your post may not show your business name, URL, phone number, or any other contact information.
    • Advertising or soliciting for any activity that may be construe as commercial is not allowed.
    • You may not post threads regarding group purchases on any product or service that is offered by a supporting vendor.

    Any vested interest in a company, product, or service must be disclosed. If you receive products or services for free or at a discounted rate, you must publicly disclose this when you post regarding those products or services and/or competitors. Any type of vested interest that could cause for a biased opinion must be disclosed.

    Posts outside the scope of these rules may be edited or deleted without warning. Continued disregard for these rules may result in removal from the forum.

    Exceptions are at the discretion of Admins/Moderators. (Currently Cryptic, Yooformula, More Torque, Crawlin, Nismodave, Holeshot, PureSound15, Myles, Josepy and theavenger333)
    BCM will do everything it can to protect it's members.

    The legitmacy of businesses will be made public. Whether it's a registered business with the state ( or a home hobbist/fabricator/service provider. Reputation? Insured? Having a phone # to call and know it will be answered are all things to consider. BCM does not want to see another member get ripped off and have little recourse.

    To donate to BCM you can use the "Paid Subscription" vBulletin feature (which is easier for me, because it will automatically handle updating your user status to "Donating Member"

    . .

    If you wish to donate something other than the preset values, thats no problem either.

    Paypal Donations to:

    Or click here....

    Thanks for your support,

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    Everyone needs to take a good quick read of this again. Then take a quick look at your signature.

    if it includes any links to any site/forum/company/etc... that isn't listed in the sponsor section, remove it.

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    If you are a member and are interested in advertising your show or event, please pm an ADMIN for approval.

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