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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleAron View Post
    I PLUG IT IN.. anytime it gets below 20.

    I do not understand the whole not plugging it in thing. I think it makes people feel like more of a man not plugging it in.

    I like having heat after a few minutes not waiting for the whole ride to work and then finally getting heat.

    my dad plugs all his trucks in at night once it hits 28 degrees out regardless if he is going to use the truck during the day or not. ill say his.. this dodge sprinter van starts up like a champ during winter.As does his duramax. Block warmers are a life saver. we have a diesel tractor that doesnt have a wamer built in for some odd reason and she takes a while to get warmed up on those cold days specially when we use it to blow the driveway out at my parents farm.

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    my fuel bowl heater came loose on thursday and shorted a fuse and killed the truck...left me on the side of the rd

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    GM 6.5 starting prcedure below 20 degrees.

    Put 200 amp boost charger on for ten minutes.
    Cycles the glow plugs 7 times.
    Hope she cranks, if it spins it'll start. That wimpy starter barely cranks er tho.

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    I was up in Wausau last night where it was about a balmy -6 at midnight. Plenty of pissed off truckers at the truck stop.

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