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    WTB: S-10 Rear Sway Bar

    I badly am in search of an S-10 Rear Sway Bar. The old Summit "Suspension Techniques" preferably but even an Xtreme factory sway bar would be good if you have all the stuff to mount it up. This is going on my Syclone.

    Please email:
    91 GMC Syclone, full street trim, full accessories, stock bottom end.
    11.45 @ 117.7 57mm PT51 turbo at 20 PSI, 93 octane street tune w/alcohol injection. D.I.Y. Budget build, <$4500 under the hood complete.

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    Did you check s10forum?
    All posts from the above author are expected to be 100% BS. Thank you and have a nice day.

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