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    F/S SpeedGlas welding helmet

    This is a used helmet. It functions flawlessly, and looks OK, I just do not need this one anymore. Here are the specs. $175.00 OBO

    Speedglas Welding Helmet - 9002X Auto Dark Lens

    The Speedglas 9002 lenses are the most versatile auto-darkening welding filters ever! Choose from 61 control combinations to guarantee the most efficiency and matter what you are welding.

    Greater Sensitivity The 9002's newly-developed detectors increase sensitivity to provide reliable switching for a wide range of welding methods, even extremely stable arcs like those from low-amp TIG inverters.

    Greater Comfort The 9002 introduces a new Delay function that lets you decide how quickly the lens changes from dark to light.

    Greater Control Add it up. The new features deliver the most versatile, most efficient, most comfortable welding experience ever.

    The Speedglas 9002X has a big 4.09" x 2.13" viewing area, with clear, sharp optics and consistent shading across the entire viewing area.

    A solar panel on the front of the lens cassette helps to power the unit, extending battery life to approximately 3000 hours.

    Auto-Off: turns off lens 30 minutes after last arc.

    Immediate-Off: simply hold the ON/OFF button down for two seconds.

    Shade 3 Light State: for outstanding visibility.

    Solar Panel: maximizes battery life.

    Speedglas 9002X Specifications
    Light Shade: 3
    Dark Shades: user-adjustable to 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.
    Off (Fail-Safe) Shade: nominal 5
    Viewing Area: 4.09" x 2.13" (104mm x 54mm)
    Weight, Helmet with Lens: 17.39oz (493g)
    Battery Life (Average): 3000 hours
    Operating Temperature: 23 to 131F (-5 to 55C)

    Standards/Approvals: ANSI Z87.1/CSA Z94.3

    OPTIONAL SIDE WINDOWS SideWindows Lenses Improve Visibility, Safety & Comfort Now welders can have peripheral vision with Speedglas SideWindows helmets. The two shade 5 side lenses increase the viewing area by over 100%

    SideWindows lenses allow welders to see potentially-hazardous peripheral objects, such as protruding beams, vehicles, and other welders. The peripheral vision lenses permit welders to more easily move around their work area while being constantly protected from harmful emissions and arc flashes. The side lenses are positioned exclusively for peripheral vision; welders view the arc through the center, auto-darkening lens.

    Eliminate "tunnel vision"...try out a Speedglas SideWindows helmet and see what you're missing!

    SideWindows Specifications
    Lens Materials: Impact resistant polycarbonate
    Lens Shade: 5

    Note: Very strong sunlight and light from very close, side-by-side welding may interfere with the welder's view of the workpiece; when practical, use welding partitions to separate welders.

    Standards/Approvals for SideWindows helmet and lenses: ANSI Z87.1/CSA Z94.3

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    Please make me an offer, this must go.

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    Please buy this

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