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    Brandon W.

    Ford motorsports RPM extender

    i just got the car back from C&M and since i had a chip burned, i have no use for this anymore. its a Ford Motorsports SVO RPM Extender box. it worked when pulled (yesterday) it was in my 89 LX so im assuming it will go in any Fuel injected Fox body. it comes with the harness so this is a PLUG AND PLAY deal. no splicing wires, no hacking of any sort. from what i gather it controls your A/F ratio at certain RPM ranges. i honestly dont know what this is worth, but it seems like a nice little set-up. so ill say $80 for the box+ harness.

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    I'll take it
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    I'll let my dad know once he gets off of work..
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    where are you located and do you still have the part?
    Email me at

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    All posts from the above author are expected to be 100% BS. Thank you and have a nice day.

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