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    Brandon W.

    FS: paint ball gun

    The Gun is A PMI Pirahna. i am getting rid of it because i have no time and i no longer use it. i have only used this gun about 7 times since i have owned it. The Gun Has..Full Auto...semi auto.. 3 speed burst...6 speed burst..and 9 speed burst.. it comes with

    The Gun
    Extreme Rage 3-Speed Electric Hopper
    A full Head Mask
    A non electric Extreme Rage Hopper(Never opened)
    Car charger/and Wall charger. no Battery though (Just a 9V works)
    Full Head Mask
    a 20oz cO2 a 12oz cO2 and a 9oz cO2.
    1000 rounds of ADDICTION Paintballs

    the 9oz top piece is chipped but can probably be fixed by a local scuba shop. The Price is $200 obo. The Gun it self cost over $250

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    Oh shit I want that, need any junk you might trade for?
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    Brandon W.
    sorry pork. i need money...if i wasnt building a car id consider trades.

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    sounds like a decent deal... i might know somone, but mostly interested in just the gun...

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    Brandon W.
    $150 come and take it.

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    Brandon W.

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