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Thread: Name post!!!

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    Alright, I havent posted in here yet...

    My name is Ryan or Ry

    I am a college student. I want to become a police officer. I am 19 years old... and YES, I paid for my car all on my own... actually still paying it off. but no, I am not rich, and no my parents didnt pay for it.

    I was born in West Allis, lived in Tosa for a bit, then spent 12 years here in Greenfield. I live about a mile from hwy, so its a part of my life.

    I drive a 2002 Pontiac Firehawk Trans Am with red accents (soon those will be changed) I haven't been out much this year, but I like to hit up hwy every once and a while.

    I usually dont stop and park, mostly cruise, but if you see me out there, say hey, I am always lookin to make new friends out there.

    2002 Pontiac Firehawk #0994 of 1501
    6-Spd. | 345hp | 0-60 = 5.2 Sec.

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    hello all, my name is Bill. I live in new berlin. I'm 20. I'm a rough carpenter.
    i drive a 95 240sx nothing to special about it yet.

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    A little late, but my name is Garrett, I live in tosa with 1 shitzu-poodle, 5 african cichlids, 1 citron cockatoo and 1 brunette fiance. I am an electrician and work in the family buisness. In the garage you will find an n/a 3rd gen rx7 and an ml55
    '94 6 liter 7 sold!
    '04 evo rs
    ml55 amg

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    whatup, my name is matt from watertown, I drive a '93 fox HB. some mods not many, still a long list await. Im a welder in Ixonia, WI. I like to get out and lettr eat when I can.

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    New Orleans


    my name is mike I am the proud owner of a sonic blue 1990 mustang. it is sonic blue with a vortech and to many mods to list

    here is a discription
    Vehicle Description

    1990 LX Hatchback
    64K orig. miles
    Pw/pl/cruise/AC (works awesome)
    BRAND new SONIC BLUE paint


    306 w/forged pistons, stock rods & crank
    ARP bolts through out: rod, main, heads, intake, valve cover, etc.
    PROFORM 7 qt. oil pan and pickup tube
    Windsor JR. iron heads
    1.6 Comp Cams roller rockers (stud mount)
    X-303 cam
    Edelbrock performer RPM intake
    1” phenolic spacer
    Ford racing valve covers
    70mm BBK throttle body and EGR spacer
    C&L 76mm mass air meter
    24# injectors, Kirban Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    Walbro 255lph intank fuel pump (model: GSS 340)
    Vortech V-1 S-trim w/6.87 lower and 3.12 upper pullies (@10lbs of boost)
    AFM power pipes
    Vortech Mondo bypass valve
    Vortech FMU 8:1 calibration
    Autolite 24 plugs
    MSD 6AL ignition
    Taylor 10.4mm race wires
    underdrive pullies
    1 5/8” longtube headers
    2 ½ “ off road h-pipe
    2 ½” Flowmaster 2 chamber cat-back


    Hurst short throw shifter
    SPEC stage 3 clutch
    Aluminum driveshaft
    8.8 rear end w/3:73 gears
    South Side Machine upper & lower control arms
    Urethane upper axle bushings
    Eibach Pro lowering springs
    Strange 10 way adjustable shocks/struts
    Removed factory Quad shocks
    Energy Suspension motor mounts, tranny mount, upper/lower spring isolators (front and rear) and strut bushings.
    Lincoln 5 lug rotors up front w/new brake pads.
    5/16” wheel spacers on front
    Ranger axles in rear w/new drums and brake shoes
    17 x 9 Factory Ford 03 Cobra machined finish wheels
    Firestone 245/45 tires up front 90% tread remaining
    Nitto 315/35 Drag Radials out back @ 40% tread remaining


    Sonic Blue paint (less than 500mi) excellent job!!
    New front bumper w/93 Cobra grill insert
    New rear bumper
    2 ½” fiberglass cowl hood
    New wiper cowl that holds 2, 2 5/8” gauges
    Tinted windows (rear hatch glass is not tinted at this time)
    93 cobra Taillight's
    Diamond Ultra-clear headlight set (6pcs.)


    ACC carpet front/rear
    Jeg’s leather sport seats
    5 way safety harness (driver’s side)
    6 point roll cage
    Ashtray door WORKS!!!
    Autometer Fuel pressure gauge (mounted outside on wiper cowl)
    Saleen Boost gauge mounted on Pillar
    Pioneer 6x8” speakers
    Pioneer 6” door speakers
    Alpine dash speakers
    New weatherstripping @doors and hatch

    Car runs very strong, 460whp . Not a daily driver, only driven on sunny days. Never abused or smoked in. Very clean interior, new carpet, seats, etc

    I also picked up a 2006 silver WRX TR
    I will be living in Glendale

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    someone elses car
    Quote Originally Posted by BadAzzGTA89
    Wow you remind me of a buddy we had called grimm who had the same mods!

    nice to see you found the correct thread mike...
    Check out our NEW online store!

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    My name is Larry I have a 73 Pontiac LeMans w/ 350 2brl One wheel wonder. It is an original granny car I picked up with 18,xxx original miles for $1,000 . All I have done to it is new paint, vinyl top, dual flowmasters and x-pipe, HEI, 4 row radiator, Wires,and intake. Was going to change it to a built 400 but I decided against it for now , so Now I got to sell the motor. But I think I am Gonna change it to a 4brl, with new cam and lifters,timing chain, water pump, oil pan and pump, and possibly headers this winter. I also have a 2000 GP GT with the basic intake, exhaust, wrapped exhaust pipe, pulley, wires, and T-stat. I live in west allis and I work at a automotive glass install shop. I also repair windsheild chips and cracks. Let me know if any needs help with the latter. For more pic go to

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    The man in the box Jukebox Hero Champion My House Is Bigger Than Your House Champion Smaugs Treasure Champion Lash's Avatar
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    Welcome everyone!!

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    near the border
    My name is Ken, I currently live in Morton Grove, IL with my wife Marilyn and our German Shepherd mix Mia and cats Autumn and Music.

    We're building a house in Winthrop Harbor and plan on cruising our '68 GTO a lot in SE Wisconsin after the house is finished. We've been to Goodguys in Waukesha and hit Georgie Porgie's a few times a year. Looking forward to getting out of here.

    My toy is a '68 GTO convertible, mostly stock, has a few mods, carb, ignition and exhaust mostly. It's just a cruiser. It can be viewed at the link in my sig.

    My wife drives an '03 Grand Prix GT, I drive an '01 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE and a '97 Mack RD 700 semi, pulling a dump trailer. I work for an excavating company in NE IL. and have been driving semis for 23 years now.

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    Welcome aboard fellas.

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    Senior yer posting!
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    My name is James and I live in Shorewood. I have a modified 2000 Grand Prix GTP. I've viewed this forum a few times but just joined recently. I am a professional photographer for a company in Mequon.

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    nice to finally see you here james.
    Well, at the very least, I have an interesting back story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamest
    My name is James and I live in Shorewood. I have a modified 2000 Grand Prix GTP. I've viewed this forum a few times but just joined recently. I am a professional photographer for a company in Mequon.
    Better step up BCM King's of Photography

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    West Allis
    My name is AL and I live with my Wife & Daughter here in West Allis, along with 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a few other small animals my Daughter keeps hostage in her room.

    I am the Manager within my company for a division that builds / upgrades Communications Networks for several wireless companies and have been doing it for about 14 years now. (I don't ever drink enough to puke)

    I just joined the site this past weekend and don't know too many people yet. I built my '68 charger and took it out for it's first summer this year. (still not done with it) I have a 2000 Escalade for a daily driver and Wife has an '99 Mustang rag top.

    Sooo... Hello everyone.

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    Welcome Al and his crew!
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    5,482 name is earl

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    Oconomowoc, WI / UW-Platteville
    Hello everyone, my name is Brandon, and I am from Wisconsin. I just recently picked up a 96 purple mustang GT with a 5 spd.

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    Duuuuubbbbbbbbbbb Sack Nukkah

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    New to the site

    Hi my name is Don I drive an 06 GT and a black mercury Capri. I also was one of the guys who got the Culver's car show started. I like to race at GLD and go to car shows....... to all.... Also I would like to thank everyone that showed up to the car shows we had this summer...

    Next year we are shooting for an official show, as of now nothing is written in stone yet.............

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    Welcome Don! Glad you finally got your account working.
    I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

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