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Thread: Name post!!!

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    Greenfield/Over There


    I just wanted to finally introduce myself formally...
    My name's Jason, I drive a de-winged silver 2003 Dodge SRT-4. I just turned 25 years old. I'm into anything that's fast, but especially Mopars. I hate rice. I'm not a jackass, but I used to play one on Hwy 100 occasionally - back when I thought my car was the fastest thing on wheels
    I've met quite a few BCM regulars in person now (WindsorCapri, RedGSX, STKMACH, ffvetteman, sidewayzbimmer, JUNK GSX, Heat Seeker WS6, fly5150, v6camarogrl, etc.) and I must say you are all quite the personable, knowledgable lot. All very cool. I wish now I had come out of lurking long ago. I'm looking forward to meeting more car lovers/performance junkies this summer too.
    And hopefully no one is holding a grudge for my antics on the Hwy 1-2 summers ago, and if u are, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize. Trust me I paid the price by nearly losing my license (though most of the times u saw me pulled over on Hwy back in '03 was probly for stupid **** like modified exhaust when it's factory )
    2005 White ACR SRT-4 stripper model, 1/88 produced - the race car (Staying stock for autocross )
    1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 Limited - The winter/work vehicle
    2003 Silver SRT-4: 1st SRT sold in WI: 5/23/03, traded 5/31/05 SLIPS, 100% Bone stock on OE tires.
    I really like the $60,000 BMW M3 Competition Coupe. In fact, it's even as fast on a racetrack as my stock "Neon".

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    umm... i guess i can introduce myself...

    Jason knows me(SRT4ME)

    i'm josh, i drive some mopars:
    02 neon es(daily driver)... some mods...
    90 daytona Shelby(ummm... sitting for now, needs parts)
    and a 89 Lebaron GTS that i just picked up(4-doors and an intercooled turbo with a 5-speed, from the fartory )

    live in sussex... grew up in grafton...

    i cruise hwy often in my neon... it's probably the only neon in the area with a carbon fiber hood, but i know it's the only silver 2nd gen for sure.

    hope to meet y'all soon!

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    Im Andrew, most call me Marvan, pronouced with the i, its my last name. I just got an 03 evo and love it more than anything. Hopein to meet up at osky's or some parties maybe. Just sayin wassup
    Used to drive an evo and had to fix it. Now drives an 07 Trailblazer SS and has Check Air Bag Lights. Cars disgust me.

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    Boy, I haven't posted much here at all...maybe it's time to fix that.

    Anyways, I'm Isaac. Live in Waukesha and work in downtown Milwaukee. Drive a lightly modified Silver '02 Mustang GT.

    Hope to meet some of you all this summer. I'm down at Oscars once in a great while. If you see me, wave, holler, license plates will definitely let you know it's me.

    Some Pics of my Stang

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    Name is mike and i work at Brossmans Meat Market in racine if you need any steaks just ask for me im a butcher... this is the thred to pics of my car

    sat nights that i dont cater i go to georgie porgies for the car show...hope to some of ya around...

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    n2o FTW
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    never saw this thread before.... Names Erik.... drive a rattlecanned black chevy truck and a dark maroon iroc-z in rough shape.... im on highway every so often, just not in my own car this year so far, motor still isnt done, im up there a lot in a dark blue gmc truck. I work at safro toyota in brookfield... live in waukesha right off sunset.

    87 Chevstang in progress
    91 escort
    94 bravada

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    Well, names Andy, my baby is my 84 Camaro Z-28, faster than stock is all i know, i work out in Neosho at Country Imports/Country motors. Specialize in Saab repair, and the toher end is building old Ford flathead engines, however if you guys have some old parts you want sent through a spray cabinet contact me and i can name a price and i'll clean it up nice in my spare time.
    Beater: 96 Dodge 1500 5.9 4x4 trans fixed!!
    Toys: 70 Saab 99 GT3/GTU, 54 Chevy Bel Air Sedan

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    Name is Zach. I work at The Glennon Group in Pewaukee. Im in sales. I drive an '04 Pontiac GTO.

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    Hello, my name is Larry Edmonson, I live in Racine. I drive a 99 Trans Am, I also have a 96 Caprice ex squad, LT1 equipped. I don't get out much, in January of 04 I had reconstruction surgery on my left foot. In April of this year I had my fifth surgery on it, they put a two foot rod in the foot with pins holding it. I've been in a wheelchair since the original surgery because I can't put weight on the foot. But I'm believing that soon I will be walking again, I have alot of people praying for me and I believe in the power of prayer. Hope to see some of you soon.

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    Slow Berettas Suck
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    mm i never saw this LOL

    well my name is michael im 21 and i drive an 89 beretta. yeah i know its a beretta, but hey its cheap. Everything done to it io have done all my self and its 100% powered by GM!!!!(streching it). I have done everything from autocross/GLD and street racing. the only thing i have not done is road america which is one of my goals. though my car is setup more for straight line, its always fun doing something different now and then. Most of the time ill be at GLD though.

    I work at goodyear on south 27th street for 3 years and i found this site by searching one day. I have been on HWY just driving around for a couple years. always had a beretta LOL. I like all kinds of cars though... not just berettas...
    89 Beretta GT 5spd
    The bestest Beretta evar!
    exhaust & intake= 50hp
    97 40th Bonneville SSEi 1 out of 637

    14s are gay!
    Beware of the Black Beretta

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    my name is Laura. im skeeters daughter. im 15 and race jr dragsters. dont ask me anything tho. im still learning a lot.

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    I've been a memeber for awhile but haven't really posted a lot. My name is Chad and I am, by far, the coolest person here. (Just thought you'd want to know)
    Because You Can Never Modify To Many Camaro's

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    Im Jeremy from Oak Creek. i got a 92 Mustang GT i picked up in october and its been sitting since..only paid $2500 and its in pretty nice condition...

    2011 Legacy
    Grocery Getter

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    I'm Mike, 21, from Greenfield. Picked up an 02 Impala this summer. Got a "Classic" truck that my pops (he has quite a collection of cars) and I have been working on (80 Chevy). Been into cars my whole life. Also got a pretty nice 1968 Stingray, its green, with white seat, sittin on 20's. Too bad its only a Schwinn :P

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    Hi, i'm nick i'm 19 I live in Delavan Wisconsin i have a 1986 Nissan 300ZX turbo. nothing special for now but soon enough it will be!
    Quote Originally Posted by 88Nightmare
    its always winter on bcm!

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    Hey, I'm Rob I live in Milwaukee, WI. I roll around in a 1993 Honda Civic Turbo. All stock internals on boost.

    ___________Rob L.___________

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    My name is Nick, i drive a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4, i work in the parts department at a Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership in Delavan Wi
    Nick Andersen

    2011 Volkswagen GTI
    2002 Lexus IS300 - Sold

    For Sale - Enkei Kojin 18x8.5 5x114.3 +35 wheels/Hankook tires

    PS3 tage: DSMDuDE

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    cuttin' chips
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    my names Clint.I live in waukesha.i drive a 93 escort lx 2 door.I work for GAP Enterprises painting and doin home remodeling...if anybody needs some home repairs done especially painting pm me and i can get u a deal on a quality job done quick.
    91 Notch - where to begin

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    Name is Jake, i live in west allis, i drive a 1995 eagle talon tsi, currently attending Nathen Hale HS.
    APU Talon

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    My name is Dave, I live in Waukesha. I drive an 89 Ford Probe GT. I work at Quad Graphics in sussex.
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