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Thread: Name post!!!

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    Mar 2004
    Menomonee Falls, WI
    I'm new from last month, my name is in my sig but here goes.

    My name is Tyler, I'm from Menomonee Falls. I drive a 1988 Mustang saleen clone (pewter in color). I work at Pennzoil in Sussex and overall just like to chill, have fun, and talk/work on cars.

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    Danielle... times change. Poncho's Avatar
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    suppose I should add.

    Hi I'm Dan. 21years old
    I live in Hartford (starting June 1st), formerly Slinger.
    work for API Software, Inc. I'm a Electronics and RMA Technician.
    getting married on June 26th to my highschool sweetheart
    I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Daytona 500 Edition Pace Car. It's 1321/1500 -- and 1/200 w/ a factory sunroof. Not all that fast, but fast enough, maybe mid 13's w/ slicks, race gas, and a slightly smaller pulley on the blower.

    I also have a '92 S-10 Tahoe (Blazer) which my fiancee and I hate, and hopefully by fall it will be replaced w/ a Galaxy Silver GTP Coupe to match the blue pace. (will be her car then) Will not let her "settle" on a galaxy silver 00+ Grand Am GT

    I also have a '66 Impala 2-Door hardtop. Black, 283,3-on-the-tree and dealer-installed AC. Right now it's a dream/project, simply because I'd have nowhere to put it, and it needs work in every area. It's a all original running 70k, Texas survivor. Dreaming of a Ram Jet 350, and a T-56 presiding under a fiberglass cowl hood.

    I used to be on, and under the screen name of SlowCamaro88SC -- as I had a slow camaro, and it was a '88 SC. Also former '94 B4U grand prix all show and no-go SE. now I'm a, and a bcm dude. Former member of Domestic Concepts C.C. of West Bend.
    Well, at the very least, I have an interesting back story.

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    You lookin at ma ballz CPonyGo's Avatar
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    West Allis
    Been here before on the old site but I am Andy from

    I know or have seen most of the regs here...

    Sites lookin god man.

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    my house


    My name is Natalie and i am Jason's sister(WhiteZCamaro) i dont have my lisence yet i don't even have my temps not until august at least. i love camaros and the guys that drive them even my first car is actually gonna be a truck Silverado gotta have it Chevy baby! then when i am able to get a Camaro i'm gonna get a '95 red Z28!

    '69 Chevelle 307sbc Z06 rims 330rwhp

    '03 silver Chevy Cavalier
    '02 Honda CBR954 < My Boyfriend's
    Project:'69 Grand Prix SJ it'll never get done...

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    Milwaukee, Wi
    Never even seen this thread...

    I'm pOrk - lived in Milwaukee and do nothing but work sleep cruise and hang. I am into customs, bodydropped pickups and aired out big bodys. I like to go fast - but I'm more into show then go as most of you found out

    2001 Impala and 1995 Grand Prix is what I own - had an S10 Pick up, an S10 Blazer, 2 cavilears and a lumina before but I still wish I never sold my S-dime.

    And yah - I like to cause a rutkus
    iPedal : AIM:BMXpORK : Milwaukee, Wi : SUICIDEDOORS

    "You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln

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    Locks Keys In Running Cars... MY4RCDGSX's Avatar
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    Figured I'd go ahead and post in here, seeing as how I'm new to this board and all.

    My name is Ramon, from Milwaukee... currently working at AutoZone (not by choice obviously.) Looking to get back into getting dirty with cars -- used to work at Griffin Dodge in the falls, as a tech. I drive a '96 Eclipse GSX (when it runs) and an accord (when it doesn't.) Usually can find me at Starbucks, but have been hanging out at Oscars more now.

    Pick of the POS:

    know some people here, looking to know more.
    "Why no, Officer... Of course I wasn't racing. I was Tuning."

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    livin the life Yamahachick02's Avatar
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    Oak Creek, WI
    My name is Kristin I have a silver 2001 Grand Prix GTP. I am trying to make it faster and look a little different from other GTP's. I am Dan's (Y2K WS6) little sister. I am a full time student at MATC and I work at holz motors in Hales Corners.

    I want to be the chick that beats the guys off the line.

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    OK, I guess I'll stop lurking and actually introduce myself.

    My name is Sarah, I'm 18 years old, and I drive a red 98 camaro. I currently live in Hartland and am unemployed, but will be going to school in Madison in the fall. You've prolly seen me cruisin hwy... or bein the quiet one at Oscar's, so feel free to say 'hi'

    Although my car's only a v6, I still love it to death and am hoping to make it faster in the near future. I will also be putting my stock tail lights back on..... what was I thinking when I bought altezzas????? Someone should have slapped me!!! Anyhow, if the camaro doesn't satisfy my need for speed, I'm looking into getting a sport bike.... and hopefully I won't kill myself on it. :cool2:

    1998 Camaro
    2002 Kawasaki Ninja 500R

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    2slow4u TransAm12sec's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    My name is Lance. I'm 17, live in the north side of Milwaukee. I drive an 82 Trans Am MSE. My dad has owns the other cars in the sig. I work at the sommers dealership at 76th and Mequon Rd as the lot boy.
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    Online Drag Racing -------Reaction Time Tester!
    Red 1982 Trans Am MSE Hooker 1 5/8, 3 inches back, 3:73s ---- Red 1990 Formula with ZZ4 motor, Hooker 2055s, American Thunder catback ---- Black 1991 GTA with 3 inch Flowmaster Catback system ---- Black 2002 WS6 Bone Stock

    Suck Squish Bang Blow

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    Obsessed with Neons srt4eh's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Schofield Barracks, HI
    My name is Eddie and I have a yellow 03 srt4. its modded.....
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    SNATCH A KISS ORVICEVERSA Junky Giorgio's Avatar
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    Fucking, Austria
    hey i'm Tony and i live in oak creek. i drive a 98' mits. eclipse GSX and its red. i'm not ashamed to say its a piece of sh1t thats why my license plate says "JUNK GSX". i'm currently having the motor built and still awaiting parts to finish it...

    Quote Originally Posted by murdoc158 View Post
    Thanks to YellowWagon for the pics and JunkGSX for the ladies.
    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamZ
    Junk maybe gone, but Tony is Junky Giorgio forever.
    Quote Originally Posted by domokun View Post
    junk, your junking my thread.

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    My name is Dan, I work at Gyro King and Sir Waxer. I drive a 1971 Nova which is currently being an electrical nightmare, I also have a 1973 cutlass that is in need of a new front end. wanna see these cars check my site at.....

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    i'm Steve, 20, and have a 99 black 4dr GTP. used to hit highway HARD back in the day in my 94 s-10 blazer, had a system and like 8 blue neons. i am the asst manager of parking at state fair, as well as like 3 other misc jobs. junior at MATC, uwm is a shithole. used to have a 92 accord. i am on hwy more often since i got the GTP, always plan on goin into oscars, but you guys scare me, you're so intimidating! j/k see you around
    "A turbo, exhaust gasses go into the turbocharger and spin it, with a supercharger, air goes in, witchcraft happens and you go faster."
    - Jeremy Clarkson

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    Ol' School DirtyMax's Avatar
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    Milwaukee, WI
    Hey. I'm Jeremy. I am 27 (holy $h!t, where did the time go?!?). I live in Waukesha by Sam's Club after living in the Oak Creek area pretty much all my life. I have a Yellow 2004 F140. I also have a 1985 Mustang GT with 70K miles that I can't decide if I want to leave factory original or build up. I have had several Mustangs over the years, but like I all cars... I just know the 5.0's the best. Well, maybe I'll see some of you around.
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    Aug 2004
    Menomonee Falls
    Hi, I'm Alex. I live in Menomonee Falls and drive a white 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX. When I don't feel like filling up with premium, I drive my 1989 Toyota Pickup. I work at Pop's Custard and am a senior at MFHS.
    See you guys around!

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    Might as well introduce myself after 100+ posts
    from the Falls
    Landscape Tech / Electrician Lite / weekend/day Mechanic
    Only owned 3 cars in my short lifespan:
    - '99 Mitsu. Eclipse Spyder (uber rare metallic purple that got me an incredible amount of "gay" comments... at least their gf's didnt think it was gay :cool2: )
    - '96 Talon TSi Awd A/T - curbed/gone
    - '96 Talon TSi Awd A/T - current/runs

    My mom had a 442 Cutlass back in the day, said she used to race it down Villard Ave and beat everyone.
    My dad had a early 70's Nova back in the day and used to go to GLD alot, I have some pix, I'll hafta scan them...vintage

    I always see ya guys in Oscars, but i'm kinda shy so I never say shìt I should fix that. People probably think i'm a stuck up prick or somethin.
    _] Jeff
    _] '08 Audi A4 S-Line
    _] '98 Eclipse Spyder GS-T
    _] '93 Toyota Camry

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    hi im chris im from waukesha and i drive a blue 1991 chevy k1500. its slightly mod. 350 .30over 355 with rv cam ahh the trans is a stage 3 b&m built by kilpatricks racing engines. sum other stuff detroit 3:73 lockers front and rear cowl induction hood with silver rally silverstripes.sure you have seen me on hwy or heard me straight piped yea that guy theres always a group of trucks down there and im one of them. I also have real cars 1970 mach one mustang almost done with a full roller 351 windsor built by Kilpatricks racing engines. should be done early spring and my pops has a 34 ford sedan delivery. sweet car EXENSIVE as he!! to buy one done. yea thats it.
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    aww hey Im from your school to! lol Im Jason Im pretty shore I did this already... anyways I drive a 93 Z28

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    I'm Jeff. I'm 21 years old,I live in Greenfield and I'm a student at MATC South Campus. I've got an '84 Hurst/Olds with a '73 Cutlass 350 Rocket. for more pics. Some of you may have seen me on HWY 100 (only in fair weather, though). My winter beater is a red '93 Ford Ranger 2WD. I'm friends with yamahachick02 and ACRturbo (I work with both of them at Holz Chevy in Hales Corners).

    Borchardt's SUCKS

    1984 Hurst/Olds A4 W/ Lightning Rods '73 350 Rocket
    1993 Z28 M6 Mostly Stock, a couple of bolt ons
    2004 Silverado Regency (modded from the factory) Now with a Tom Tune!

    View pics of my ride here

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    Ol' School Nix's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    Thumbs up

    This is an old post but since its getting to that time of year again Iam sure there are some new people out there such as myself so Iam gonna throw myself out there and try to keep it rollin, My name is Nick, I am from New Berlin/West Allis, I work for a medical supply comapny in Waukesha (nothing special I work in the warehouse). My daily driver is a 1999 Dodge Ram Quad Cab. My toy is a 1975 Firebird w/a 70'-73' nose. Its Black with a silver stripe down the middle. It looks god and I guess it has some balls but that will be determined come this summer when I hit up GLD. By the way, are there any specific times of the year where all you get togther and hit up GLD? If so let me know, thanks everyone. Nick

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