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Thread: Name post!!!

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    Hi my name is Jamie. I have a 1964 442 a 1986 442 and a1971 Vista coupla FWD Olds daily drivers, and my wife also has a 1986 442. I am married with a daughter and I crash test cars for a living.

    01 F150 Screw 5.4 4x4 99 VW Jetta 64 Olds Cutlass
    83 Cutlass Gbody Wagon 85 Suzuki GS700ES needs some new parts now

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    Hi All My Name is Chris I work at a Speed shop in Butler and drive a 1981 Mercury Capri. I always try and make it to either the Bk show and/or the culvers show on tuesday.

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    Slowly Getting There drrodder's Avatar
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    New Berlin, WI
    Hi. my name is JT. I grew up a block off the strip in Hales Corners and now live in New Berlin. Being older than most of you, all I can say is that going fast never gets out of your blood. I work for WEM Automation in New Berlin and travel around the country about 80% of the time. When on the road, I'm always looking for older cars and parts.

    My daily driver is a 96 olds Aurora. The cars under construction are a '39 Ford Tudor and a '37 Chevy Coupe. Click on the link below to see my cars of yesterday and today.
    My Cars - Now-N-Then
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    Real Rides Are Home Built.

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    Hi guys my name is Dave i heard about u guys through importperfection and have met scott (silver350) before at oscars.

    i drive a 2001 Honda Prelude = slow pos...yes i know

    ive always loved and wanted a muscle car, and came close to getting a 02 mustang GT but couldnt afford the insurance so got a good deal on a prelude.

    I like going to all car shows and im into every kind of car.

    hope to meet more of you at the dells cruise or maybe the pool tourney.

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    Hi all my name is Brian im from Milwaukee . I work at Milwaukee Rock Of Ages . I own a Black 89 GTA with tan leather T-Tops,WS6 and the L98 5.7 TPI 3inch flowmasters and Borg warner rear end many mods to come soon!!! My other toy is a 1974 Hurst Olds 455 ,W30.I hope to meet up with all you soon as i find out were
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    My name is Tyler, I am 22 I work at Sunburst Apparel printing t-shirts and I need a different job or a raise. I drive a black '91 RS with a 305 L03 TBI(it must go), 700R4/w B&M Ratchet shifter shift kit, T-Tops, grey leather, fully loaded. Yes I am the one with the faded front clip, dent and V8 flag emblems on the fenders.

    Don't drink and Post!
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    I just hope you don't want a Knyghtmare in your street dreams
    1991 Camaro, LS1 Powered -- 2000 Silverado 1500

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    Brew City Muscle Original!!! Stangman98's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Sun Prairie, Wi
    I'm Damon
    Live Near Madison
    Drive A Mustang
    In Progress

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    goin' postal cheap80Z28's Avatar
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    Sep 2003

    name post

    hey all, I'm steve from milw, just down the road from ultimate truck on hye 100. I have a pos black 80 Z28. just put a new motor from a 79 blazer in it for now.Almost thinking about getting rid of it, but, $500 and 8 years later it still gets me there and back. Stopped at the BW3 show last month on hye 100, nice cars guys, and girls


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    BCM Cruiser
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    West Allis
    hey all, im matt from the waukesha area
    i did have an GSX eclipse, figured out the hard way that a car with a cylinder a tire and a turbo just isnt gonna happen as far as my sig goes i dont have muscle but next spring im gettin a 95ish f-body depends on how much dough is saved
    hope to get to know some of you around here

    98 Trans Am
    Silver M6

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    its almost that time again Ricky Bobby's Avatar
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    the back 40
    hey guys im Tony i was introduced to the site through scott(silver350) i work for time warner cable as mechanic on there fleet of endless vans and trucks, i have a 91 Z28 305 TPI (which is for sale with the trans) im trying to sell the motor and trans so i can put a cage and a built 400 with TPI and stuff this thing blew up three 1 ton rearends already i cant wait to put it in my little camaro need to get rid of the drivetrain first, its blue in color with t-tops custom tribal flames on the hood also have a 73 camaro im restoring thats gonna get a 383 stroker i drive around in my little 94 white Z-24 for now till the others are done
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    My name is Nick. I'm from New Berlin. I have a 1988 Trans Am with the AWSOME 305TBI. Also drive a 1999 GMC Sonoma SLS.
    1988 Trans Am, 305 TBI, 5spd, hooker catback, 3.73posi, LCAs, LCARBs, prokit, KYB GR2 + Gas-A-Just, PHB
    1999 GMC Sonoma, 4.3, 5spd ZQ8
    1994 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8N/A 187k

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    Hello all, thought I would finally join after reading posts and going to BK all summer. I'm Mike and I drive a '99 GSX. Hope to see you around.

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    none of yo damn bidness
    Name is Tim
    I work for SYSCO out of Jackson-I got a 99 Trans Am
    That seems to not like me lately
    I also do Bodywork and paint
    Ack back to the T/A gotta catch up now smells like a farm truck but still has giddy up

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    This Space For Rent SMS 1's Avatar
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    Port Washington, WI.
    Alright I've been here long enough without stopping in here. My name is Ben, some of you may know me from WICGP "DOHC vin X" but have been spending alot more of my time here since my 3rd gen Z28 project is once again feasible.

    Hey Tim- do you know my uncle Mark Steffen? He was working at SYSCO a cpl of moths ago . . .

    Hopin to get out to meet some of you this year.

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    Making a Come-Back? Sexy83TA's Avatar
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    Hey, my names Heather. I own a white '83 Trans Am which I just started modifying over the winter. I live in Pewaukee across the street from WCTC. Im a full time student and work at a woment fitness gym part time.
    *83 Trans Am
    *88 Bronco II
    *92 S10
    *89 Cadillac Brougham
    *91 Caprice


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    Hey Brew City...

    Hey folks - My name is Tony... My Brew City Muscle is a 1967 Firebird 400 4 speed with some assorted go fast goodies...
    My Brew City Rice is a 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT Twin Turbo - also with some modifications... The Mits is due back from the mechanic next friday... The Firebird is undergoing a manual steering to power steering conversion, as well as a manual front drum brake to power disc upgrade as we speak...

    I've actually been lurking on the board for quite some time - a "former" board member directed me here...

    Hopefully I'll be able to participate in the BK shows or the Pistol Pete's gatherings...

    Now for the million dollar question... I need to swap the rear gears in my Firebird rear end - gotta get the 4.56's outta there and some 3.55's in... I also have a friend that wants to swap out the gears in his 94 z28 6spd. If someone here wants some cold hard moola, and can get these gears in, please pm me...

    Thanks, and I look forward to meeting y'all - Tony

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    West Allis, WI
    hey i'm jason, i'm 18 and i live in menomonee falls, wi. i would go down to hwy 100 with my car but i'm too afraid to...somebody reasure me lol (it's loud, the drag radials stick out of the wheel wells, and several other illegal things) i have a 91 Camaro RS with a 430 horse 355 with 4:11 gears, recently timed at 12.0 1/4 mile. lookin to meet up with other people to see some cool car around the area.
    12 Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo
    12 Suzuki Hayabusa LE
    04 Pontiac GTO
    72 Pontiac GTO

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    I was just checking to see if I posted, looks good. I've been registered for awhile on BCM, just never posted. I was referred to the site by some guy at a stop light on HWY 100. I was cruisin and I saw a pack of F-Body's and one Mustang. I was impressed and decided to join the croud. When I had time to ask, I asked the guy and he said Brew City Muscle, and now I'm here, and glad to be! I love American Muscle, but I can't say I wasn't a part of the import craze. I learned the hard way though, More Cost and even more lost. Man those parts are expensive!! And with the money I spent I didn't gain many winnings... I was then referred to AM, in which I bought a 84' Camaro Z28 5.0 H/O, which was a 5-speed with a Flow Master and a chip. I miss that car... but I was introduced into the 4th gens after I sold it, just hearing 5.7 litre made my tingle. I currently own a 97 Camaro Z28 Convertible, with the 6-speed. Its pretty stock with the exceptions of a FM exhaust and a B&M Shorty. I always wanted a convertible, so I figured I'd knock out two imports out with one stone. I know I robbed some speed with the weight of the top, but were talking about bolt on horse power here baby. Plus the girls love it topless, you know, show me yours and I'll show you mine. I'm from the eastside of Milwaukee, near downtown. Brew City Baby! I'm hoping to further my knowledge into the AM world, and gain a few buddies too. This place is great, I'm glad to see I'm not singled out by the imports anymore. I always catch heat from the crews here on the east, and they know all the crews on the south and where ever else. I've rolled with the pack a couple of times, and the infamous Beyond Crew with the Honda on the trailer. There all pretty decent guys, just AM is always a target! Well I hope to see some of you guys at the gatherings, I really want to get involved, cause I love cars. Maybe one day I'll join some of you in the low times, but its just good to know I got something. When I had my Mazda, I just knew I'd lose everytime, sucks when you know your car is slow. Later! Jimbo.

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    Well I have been on here for a while, my name is Jason and I drive a white Z28 with a red interior. I currently am an emmisions tester at the waukesha station by the airport.

    Stock bottom end H/C LT1 404RWHP

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    My name is Rick. I drive a 1998 trans-am WS.6 with WS.7 badges because my WS.6 emblem has been stolen twice. I live in Wales and I am a master plumber for soft water in waukesha. Married with 2 daughters. New member but would like to meet all you guys at some car shows and gatherings.

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