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Thread: Name post!!!

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    Scott Walker for President. SSmike1's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    South Milwaukee

    Talking Hey!

    Hi, my name is Michael Michael Motorcycle,
    I am fortunate to have a 2000 SS, Black, SSmike1 on the Plate.
    I work for WeEnergies, the electric company, Electrical Engineering.
    Hey Yoosef, why? would someone move to COLD WI from WARM Fl.???????
    And Dan/Jackie, when Silly Jilly is driving, back tires never break loose. When Super Bike Mike is driving, it's always sideways!
    See ya all tomorrow, at Road America race track!
    oh ya, We have 1 boy & 1 girl.
    other than Church, Kids, & Cars, this is my favorite thing to do!:evil:
    hey Silly Jilly?
    2000 SS camaro

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    Dave here (obviously),
    I am a little older then most of you i guess. But still have the right foot of a 19 year old at most times. You might of caught my bright orange 1967 Chevy II tearing through your neighboorhood. LOL
    67 Chevy II in a million pieces :: My Blog

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    Oak Creek
    My name is Becky,I live in Oak Creek,and drive a dark blue '67 Camaro RS/SS.
    I'm going to try to make it up to the HWY. more this year,and can usually be spotted at McD's,Culvers and Georgies.

    1967 Camaro RS/SS
    1986 IROC

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    Resident FIB
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    Jan 2003
    MSOE/elk grove VILLAGE, illinois
    hey guys my name is bill and i am currently a freshman Mechanical engineering student at MSOE(the milwaukee school of Engineeering). Im from Elk Grove, Il which is outside of ohare airport.

    My daily driver(when im not up here, stupid parents) is my 1994 z28(which is getting a 355 Afr headed motor come next winter). I will also be finishign up my 1967 chevelle SS resotation come may. Thats got a 600+ hp big block and a 4 spd.

    I dont know how many shows ill be at this year due to the lack of transportation but come next fall ill be around alot. Im gonna try and bring the chevelle up for the BW3 show whenever that is (gonna be on a tow truck cuz race gas and highway are not a good combination).
    Bill Pankiw
    -1994 Z28 A4 white
    -1967 Chevelle SS (complete frame off resto)GW tubular susp,Blueprinted LS6 454, M21,ralley's.......OLD school (SOLD to a local)

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    Post whore Daytonapacecar959's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    I'm Fred i live in Milwaukee.I work at Foster Pontiac and drive a 1998 Grand Prix GTX Daytona500 pace car,modded HELL YA see mods in sig. coming soon headers and cam will be in the 12's this year.I go to alot of car shows and at DaGrove.

    -edit by CrypticGTX -
    You forgot to add BCM's - "2002 Best of Show - Supercharged"
    Fred Cakanic III
    1998 Grand Prix GTX Daytona500 pace car959 of 150011.584@119.17

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    Aug 2002
    NW Milwaukee
    Blog Entries
    My name is Chris and I'm an alchoholic , and I drive the Gold 76 Plymouth Valiant (hence the screen name), the 89 Shelby CSX, and the Black and Silver Ram SS/T.

    Work downtown for blount orthopeadic clinic doing rehab/P.T
    1979 Lil' Red Express -Officially the quickest "bolt-on" LRT in the country.
    1989 Shelby CSX #500/500
    The most powerful production Minivan, ever...

    Be sure to check out my weekly adventures on the second page of your Sunday Comics!

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    Last edited by animal; 07-06-2009 at 04:12 PM.

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    Senior yer posting! Kory 88Iroc lt1's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Hi my name is Kory
    I drive an 88 Iroc with a heads and cam 94 lt1 in it.
    I live in New Berlin with my wife, and am the production manager of Contour Paperboard products in Waukesha.
    I'm 29

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    Senior yer posting!
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    Dec 2002
    West Allis, WI
    Hello my name is Chris I drive a 85 Monte Carlo SS (Not very fast but I like it) Bought it from my dad who got it new.
    I live in Milwaukee and work at a Body Shop in West Allis.
    Look foreward to meeting all of you at the BK shows.
    2 Chevrolet 1 Pontiac 2 Oldsmobiles

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    No sleep till Brooklyn Heat Seeker WS6's Avatar
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    Jun 2002

    My name is John and work at Flanners Audio & Video. I have a 93 red Trans Am with Ram Air conversion and a bunch of stuff done to it.
    100-0 faster than your 0-60

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    Jan 2003
    Fort Atkinson

    My name is Chris. Im going to WCTC in the fall for GM-ASEP program. I drive a 93 beretta (daily driver) 2.2 liter 5 speed with a 3 inch cowl hood and 88 camaro (autocross car) with a 350ci 700r4.
    1988 camaro 350
    5 speed then 6 speed

    2005 chevy 2500hd duramax

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    my name is jon .....

    i like boost, boobs, bikes and other various "b" words

    i grew up on the northside (represent) and my parents moved into my grandpas old house by mayfair .... lived there for a year before I moved to schaumburg IL

    i bought my car just 20 min from where i live now (weird eh?)

    life begins at 20psi


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    Post whore mrz28M6's Avatar
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    Feb 2003

    hey guys

    Hey whats up guys? My name is dustin and i own a 94 patriot red Z28 M6. I live in Muskego and i am real estate appraiser.

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    1/2 BCM POOL Tag Champs 97z2801ss's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Hellew ALL, Im Tony, im from 17 Im a student up at Brookfield Central...and working at Kmart(yes the one in brookfield is staying open)....97 Blazer is what i drive cept for when dads home with the SOM SS, I ushully have it out when hes home so its in constant use lol....Try to hop up to Pistol Petes and BK few times.... Im currently lookin for an Lt1 Z28 with any help is much appreciated...

    Thanks... Tony

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    My name is Brett, I'm 30 years old and live in Janesville. I'm a factory worker that works the late shift(4:30pm-2:30am) so I miss out on alot of the weekday scheduled events. I own a 2002 Sunset Orange Metallic(som) Firehawk and my other car is a 1962 Impala SS. I don't put alot of $$ into the hawk as far as speed parts go, because I plan on keeping it original in hopes it might be worth money as a collector car later on down the line. As for the Impala, it's a 406 small block chevy, MSD billet distributor, edelbrock "air-gap" performer intake, World product heads, holley 750 double pumper,Muncie 4-spd,centerforce dual-friction clutch...etc. I have yet to fire it up because I bought the hawk midway through the build-up, and everyone knows that a turnkey hotrod is way more fun than laying on yer back wrenching But now(this year) I promised myself I'd finish the least get it up and running and start driving it. My whole family is into cars also, my Dad has a 1964 GTO that my brother and I did a frame-off restoration on, and my brother owns a 1967 Tempest that is sorta pro-streeted(about half throttle he was pulling the firehawk in a race...real bad) We have yet to take it to the track.

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    Formerly known as Yellow Wagon jbiscuit's Avatar
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    Mount Pleasant
    My name is Jason (Yellow Wagon) and I drive a yellow wagon. It has big rims. Its has a turbo. Thats about it.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    2012 Subaru WRX STi 5-door
    1964 Biscayne 2dr - 4-speed

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    Formerly known as Yellow Wagon jbiscuit's Avatar
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    May 2003
    Mount Pleasant
    Yeah my Yellow Turbo Wagon is a 2003 Subaru AWD....its a rips....15.5lbs. of boost to beat the shizzm out of a few Civic's. Then they all look at me like, "No way did I just lose by 7 car lengths to a station wagon."

    Its quite fun actually. If I was smart I would get the car all built, drive around at stock ride height and stock rims and have some fun.

    You guys can check it out soon. Not to mention I wanna check out some of the rides from this board. You guys have some sweet cars man! Good work.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    2012 Subaru WRX STi 5-door
    1964 Biscayne 2dr - 4-speed

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    its almost that time again Ricky Bobby's Avatar
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    the back 40
    Hi my name is tony i drive a 91 z28 that was gray now its candy blue with tribal flames. I work at mechanical specialties building gas electric stuff. Also have a good hook up in the bodyshop area if anyone needs one soon ill be at a bunch of shows come see me. I also live in greenfield with my wife Kati who ul see driving it mostly cause i lost my um license yeah!

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    My name is Allan.
    Last edited by Al; 07-03-2009 at 02:19 PM.

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    hey i'm brandon...21 yrs old....i drive a radar blue (blue during the day pruple at night) '96 s-10 4x4 blazer.......and i work at howard precision metals.......i drive fast so if i pass u somewhere on the roads it's not anything personal......

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