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Thread: Name post!!!

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    Name post!!!

    With so many new members, it would be nice to know some first names. The shows be starting very soon so please post your first name so we know who is who and maybe something about yourself.

    My name is Yoosof, I drive a red Formula(between tranny breaks), and I moved almost here 3 years ago from Florida...dont ask me why, I still dont know why!

    I run the BW3 downtown and I dont puke when I drink( Dennis).
    I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

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    Just some guy...
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    May 2002
    My name is Brandon and I drive a 1997 Black Z28 that is pretty easy to spot

    I live over in New Berlin.

    I work at the Checker Auto on Hwy 100 in Hales Corners.

    EDIT: I drive a 1999 Black Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel now and work at Best Buy in Brookfield

    EDIT #2: I drive a 1999 Mercedes Benz C43 AMG and work at Colders in Delafield. I live in Nashotah now.

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    Ol' School Ron North's Jewels Champion
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    West Allis, WI
    My Name is Scott. I work at Quad Graphics. I drive a 98 Chevrolet Silverado. Its a Regular cab short Box that is pewter in color and has a 5.7L V8 and its rear wheel drive. Its also lowered and has enough of my money in it. My truck is in my sig.

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    My name is Dennis (yeah back to ya Yoo-man ), I drive a Black '95 Trans-Am (also known as The Beast), that is, ahem, modified...

    I live in Greenfield, with my wife, Tracy, and 3 little-ones...

    And, for the record, I only puke at Mel's on water... :evil:

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    BCM sponsor
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    Aug 2002
    Muskego, WI
    I'm John. I am a computer consultant that is currently looking for an assignment (hint, hint...). I drive all kinds of cars, most recently a BMW 535i (winter beater) and a 2000 Camaro SS (details in sig). I am divorced with two kids and live in Muskego. I grew up in 'Tosa too.

    2008 Subabru Outback XT - Grocery Getter
    1964 Chevy BelAir 327 4-speed on Bags

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    The man in the box Jukebox Hero Champion My House Is Bigger Than Your House Champion Smaugs Treasure Champion Lash's Avatar
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    My name is Luke. I work at Total Comfort Mechanical Contractors. I'm a 3rd year commercial sheet metal apprentice. Right now I live in West Allis. I drive a Black 2000 Cavalier Z-24 that is in critical need of an S/C!

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    My name is JOSH and I drive a 1994 Artic White Z28 (White Thunder). I currently work at Bucyrus.
    I live in the Village of Greendale.

    Last edited by Firefighter Z; 06-23-2008 at 06:03 PM.
    'Merica, Hell Yeah!

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    I wanna go fast... $title Champion Crawlin's Avatar
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    May 2002
    I have A.D.D.
    My name is Chris. I work at a graphics shop in Waukesha. I also live in Waukesha. I drive a '98 Z28, which you can see by clicking the link in my sig. blew the motor last year, so we will see what this year brings. got a blue '01 xtended cab Xtreme and a '94 Camaro that is a v6.

    if you have an idea of what you are gonna do next to your car, DON'T talk to me i can change your mind in no time with the million of different other options. as for me talking about my car, don't pay attention to me until a part is ON the car


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    Rather be junkyarding PB86MCSS's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    New Berlin
    My name is Paul and I have a few slow Monte Carlos . I go to school full time at UWM and work part time but when summer rolls around its full time at another job.

    My SS is what I bring to the shows, it only has the stock 305(L69) and hopefully before we get into summer too far has Hooker coated headers on and I might take the top end of the motor apart for new gaskets and a cleanup job. Has quite a few brake/suspension mods done. Bigger plans in the future for it(LT1 possibly LS1 when Im done with school = more $).

    My nice LS Im finishing swapping TPI onto the stock 305(LG4) and I converted it to a roller cam motor since it was already machined for it, other usual mods(headers/exhaust) and hopefully its fired up soon! I will bring it to a cruise in or two for sure. My beater LS will be sold/parted out before the months end once the other one is running.

    86' MCSS - 13.35 @103
    87' MCLS - 14.55 @96
    02' Regal GS - Who cares

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    STREET TUNED JC70SS's Avatar
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    The CPT
    My name is Joe and I drive a white 2000 SS. I live in Brokefield and for the record guys I have probably puked more than most of you combined(ask Gino's bro). That's why I really limit my drinking now.
    03 Terminator Vert
    06 TL

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    Im Gonna Eat YA y2kws6's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Hartford, WI
    This is Dan, Jacki, and Jacob. We own a Black 2000 WS6 with plates "Y2K WS6". If you hear something really loud going down the street sideways, that is probably me without Jacob in the car. If is loud going straight with many lane changes, thats Jacki

    Little Jake is in the back going brummm brummm, wweeeeee, woww


    Oh and I work at Froedtert Hospital, so I don't want to see any of you there
    Headers are in with no Catz and the Electronic Borla Plate is a GOD!!!

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    Na Zdrowie!! Scales's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    New Berlin
    My name is Mike. I live in West Allis, and I work at Quad Graphics. I drive a White 91 Z28 as listed in my sig.

    1991 Z/28
    2006 Impala

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    Hello my name is Andy and I'm a post whore. (oops wrong forum )
    I drive a Black 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX.
    I also own a White 65' Bonneville which I am going to try and bring to a couple of shows. BiG Pimpin!

    I live in New Berlin. I have one 3 year old son Cole, who likes to sit in the back seat going:
    V R O O M B A H !!! GO GO GO Daddy!

    I work for Time Warner Telecom as a Internet Network Engineer. I host the BCM site on my server, so you can contact me with any questions, suggestions, etc.

    I also dont puke when I drink
    PS3, Xbox 360, & Steam tag: Cryptic78

    |.....Overnight.....................| ||
    |........Japan Parts................||'|";,___.

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    Post whore
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    Sep 2002
    Big Bend
    Originally posted by Scales
    My name is Mike. I live in West Allis, and I work at Quad Graphics. I drive a White 91 Z28 as listed in my sig.
    now tell them what you really drive, we both know you don't really drive the camaro.

    I'm Matt. I am a flooring installer and drive a 93 Trans am when it's nice out and I have a 97 chevy short box 4x4 for a daily driver.

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    Na Zdrowie!! Scales's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    New Berlin
    Originally posted by Max 93
    I'm Matt. I am a flooring installer and drive a 93 Trans am when it's nice out[/B]

    I bet you don't even remember what color your car is!!!!!

    1991 Z/28
    2006 Impala

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    Lucks Got Nothin To Do With It
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    May 2002
    Jake here (duh) I'm from that lovely metropolis of Waterford and work in waukesha. I can be found blazing the roads between there with the county mountys not far behind.
    Got a 02 WS-6 silver. along with a few other toys and rats.
    ditching my caprice cause its marked as a speed demons car!
    '91 Grand Am 2.3 H.O. m5
    11.98@114.59 happy gas

    '02 Trans Am WS-6 m6
    12.84@109.34 pure stock
    2005 Summit Series Street Class Champ

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    Hey Jake, I didnt know you were on this board too :-P

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    Got Kicked OFF The Track A B4C Z's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Waukesha WI
    Im Kyle. I am 17 years old, and have no job (I just sell things on ebay). I attend school at Catholic Memorial High School. I have a Black 97 z28 with some goodies under the hood. I am also the youngest on here I think. I live right off Capitol Drive by Brookside Chevrolet.

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    I'm Steph (Intelman34's girl). I am 17 years old and live in New Berlin. My car is worthless but hope to be getting something real nice soon. Hope to see everyone around!

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    I'm Ken. I'm 23 which is commonly thought as way to old to be playing with baby toys (Honda Civic). Somehow I find making a single cam 4 cylinder as more of a challenge than a good idea. I still like what I've created though There's just something about the sound of a supercharger with nitrous oxide running through it that just gives me an ear to ear grin every time. 6 subwoofers help liven up ho hum driving as well

    I currently live in Sussex & work at GE Medical Systems in Waukesha as a Advanced Tech/Final Quality Control rat. Whether I like it or not it pays the bills which is a big in my book.

    Oh Yeah... I don't throw up (often) but won't have the opportunity any more since I just got nailed with a DUI 2 weeks ago.
    I'd still like to meet up with everyone I can on here though, just don't buy me any shots

    Till L8er,
    Tell every ricer you meet that I want to sell The Civic

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